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Celebrate the World Cup 2014! A new goodie to wish our favorite teams good luck. The character is NOT included in the free goodie. You can purchase it here. The grass works in C4D Studio.

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  World Cup 2014  

Tree Scene for CINEMA 4D R15: A new goodie to wish you a wonderful start into this year! This scene includes several trees and a road. Enjoy!

Download Files

If you are looking for more 3D Plants that you can customize check out this plugin "3D Plants for Artists" by Laubwerk here.


Single tree for CINEMA 4D R15: A new goodie to wish you a wonderful start into this year! Maybe you wish to create your own scene with this tree? No problem. Just download the single tree (also includes textures):

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lamp + IES light: This lamp was built in CINEMA 4D R14 and you can download it for free as a .c4d file. Move the right handle down and up- XPresso included. Enjoy!

Download C4D File


For Beginners and Advanced Users- Render Sound (Effector) Tutorial
You will need:
-Camera Click.wav file
download here (no registration required)



For Advanced Users: Shoe Modeling Tutorial 01- includes a description on how to animate your shoe as well!

Requirements for this tutorial are:
-Cinema 4D R14
-1 jpg image of a high heel shoe (we will show you where to find it)
-a fully rigged character

Download PDF


For Beginners- Clothes Tutorial 03- Model pants & a top and learn to animate them!

Requirements for this tutorial are:
-Cinema 4D R14
-CINEMA 4Ds Cloth Engine
-a fully rigged character (for the last part of the tutorial: animate clothes)

PDF Download

02_Modelling tutorial  

Model a wine glass with a linear Spline using a JPG Image as a background
CINEMA 4D R14 Tutorial - Model a wine glass using a linear spline and working with LatheNURBS. You will also load a JPG image of your choice as a background image to help you trace the outline of our object.
Requirements for this tutorial are:
- 1 .jpg image of a wine glass

Download PDF


Quick modeling tip- JPG image to 3D object
CINEMA 4D R14 Tutorial - Convert a jpg image (black and white) into a 3D spline object in CINEMA 4D within minutes.
Requirements for this tutorial are:
- Photoshop
- a black and white jpg image of your choice

PDF download

For Beginners- Hair Tutorial 01 - The Hair Material Editor
CINEMA 4D R13 Tutorial - An introduction to the Hair Material Editor. The only requirement: C4D.



For Beginners C4D R13- Hair Tutorial 02 - Hairstyle
CINEMA 4D R13 Tutorial - A special surprise for Kobold Charakteranimation users. Check out our Newsletter! You will learn how to prepare and animate the hairstyle shown in the picture on the left. We will also provide you with a few tips and charts on reducing render time.
Requirements for this tutorial are:
- DAZ's Victoria3 (or another character mesh).
- If you want to animate the hair then your character needs to be fully rigged.

pdf download



For Beginners - Clothes Tutorial 01 - Working with the Cloth Tag
In this tutorial you will learn how to make a piece of fabric collide with an object. A simple texture will be added to the cloth. You can also animate the fabric.


For Beginners C4D R13- Clothes Tutorial 02- Model a dress
In this tutorial you will learn how to model a dress for a female character. We used DAZ‘s Victoria 3. A simple texture will be added to the dress. You can request the .jpg file we used for this purpose. If you need help importing Victoria 3 in Cinema 4D just contact us. Both the .jpg file and the import of Victoria 3 are for free - even if you are not using Kobold Charakteranimation yet.

Download PDF

For Poser/DAZ Users - Edit DAZ textures in Cinema 4D's Bodypaint - Tutorial 01
This tutorial is addressed to those of you who work with Poser Figures inside Cinema 4D but who haven't worked with Bodypaint yet. We will draw a simple black eyeliner and a green eye shadow (optional). The requirements for this tutorial are:
-Cinema 4D
-An Image Editing Software (such as Photoshop)
-1 DAZ or Poser Figure plus the corresponding/default skin textures



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