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Dear Kobold Charakteranimation Community,
You can view our CINEMA 4D Plug-in „KCA-MoCap v1 Basic“ in action in a lovely short animation with the central topic „Minecraft“. In addition, we have interviewed the creator Falk Z.
We are coming to an end of 2015 and want to take this opportunity to wish you all a great holiday season.
Minecraft User Story
Slamacow in Concert Witch Encounter
[Minecraft Animation]
Read complete Interview with Animator Falk Z. English or German
This word is very familiar to our german friends :) Basically, it means that you get an interesting discount for a great product or service for a limited time. Only valid through December. Enjoy our "Schnäppchen"!
Mexican Furniture Animated Candle

BrainCandy TV
Michael Moore is our lucky find this month! He is the creator of Brain Candy TV. His vision to create educational videos for kids that foster a love of learning is brought to life with the help of CINEMA 4D.
From successful wedding photographer to successful „YouTuber“ (over 2.5 milion views!) his story is definetely worth reading. Maybe his work will inspire you, too!

Read the interview (pdf) | Visit Brain Candy TV‘s website | Brain Candy TV on YouTube

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